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We are the your #1 junk cars Orlando removal guys. We will get rid of that eyesore that your wife has been telling you to get rid of for years now. Just give us a call and we will be there same day to give you cash!

We have been exceeding the expectations of Orlando residents for the past 5 years! All our drivers are LICENSED and are properly trained in the extraction of your vehicle no matter the situation. No job or location is too difficult for our drivers to handle.

Junk Cars Orlando

Junk Cars In Orlando, FL

Why Are We The Best?

How do we know we’re the best? Because a majority of companies in the Orlando area are not legally registered with the state of Florida. Not only are they not observed by the state as a legal business, but they are not even legally insured or bonded. Do you trust selling your junk car to a company that isn’t legally licensed, insured or bonded? I wouldn’t if I were you. Why? Since they aren’t in the system of the state of Florida for legal businesses. When you sell your car to one of these places, many of them will resell the vehicle. So, here is a car registered to you, and then you sell the car to a place you believe to be a legitimate place of business. Some time passes, sometimes weeks even months. Maybe even a year! (rarely) and then you get a bill in the mail from a tow company saying your vehicle has been impounded and you are being charged $60 dollars a day it sits in there, and they already have a bill of over a few hundred since they had to mail you the letter and that took a couple days. You call the company saying the vehicle hasn’t been in your possession in a long time, but the impound company doesn’t care they just want there money and you’re the last registered owner of the vehicle. So, you track down the company you sold your car to, only to find the phone has been disconnected. Great…Now you’re stuck with this big fat bill that you thought was over and done with. Looks like that junk car that was a big headache has come back to haunt you. All because you wanted to go with who wanted to pay the most. Even worse! Your car may be used in a crime, then you have the police knocking on your door, and you have no proof of who you sold you car to since the vehicle was and still is in your name.

Just because someone offers you $20 more doesn’t mean it’s worth it in the long run. We’ve heard of many of these horror stories occurring constantly all over the Orlando area. Moral of the story? Don’t go with the highest bidder, because more money doesn’t always mean peace of mind. Go with a company you can trust, who is legal and insured and has been serving the area for more than 5 years, not months.

When you go with us, not only do you get a guaranteed over the phone quote so we won’t show up to try and haggle you down, but we make sure to take the vehicle out of your name. Once the car comes into our hands, you are free from any and all liability! That’s the point of being insured.

Known for paying the most out of all competitors!
Now that the Super Bowl is approaching rapidly wouldn’t it be nice to have some extra cash in your pocket to throw that awesome Super Bowl party! We know it would be! So, give us a call today and get that money to throw the best party in Orlando!

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