Do you have a scrap car that is just sitting at your house? Looking for a way to get rid of it? Perfect! We are car buyers in Orlando, FL. Don’t waste time calling around trying to get some random guy to come pick up your scrap. We will show up, pay you, and on top of that, we tow it away for free.  We are located right here in Orlando so we can serve you efficiently and effectively. We will give you a quote right over the phone within minutes and you don’t have to worry about being hassled when our driver shows up to pick up your car.  So callus now, so that we can give you a free quote and get the process started of getting you and your car taken care of.

Do you or somebody you  know have a junk vehicle they are looking to get rid? I know many people friends or not that have been looking for a service just like this one.  A service that will show up to your house and tow that scrap car away out of your lives for good.  Not many people know about this service and that is why I am here to tell them right now!  Call us today and get paid today.

I guess I should start by introducing our company.  We have been around for a while so we know what customers wants and needs are and that is why many people call us for all their scrap car needs.  Gone are the days of trying to figure out what to do with your car when it breaks down, or when it sitting on your property collecting whatever is floating through the air, or even growing rust, all those days are completely gone.  There are so many reasons to contact us and I will tell you why! First we offer the most cash paid in town for any and all junk vehicles.  Running or not we have your back in removing that vehicle for free.  You don’t need to even think about what to do with that car, we do all the thinking for you.  Two, not only do we pay the most in town, but we offer free removal for you, so that you won’t have to pay a tow truck to come and haul it away for you. Three, whatever we quote you over the phone is what you will get when our driver shows up, hands down!

No hassle, no worries!

Give us a call today. We will tell you what we can pay for your scrap car over the phone. Then we will show up and professionally remove your scrap car within a couple of hours. Its almost too easy for you. You just sit back, and wait for us to do all the work. Then collect the money. We try our best to make it as simple as possible for you.

Call Now and let’s get you going so that you can rid yourself of that pain forever.