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Our junk car removal service in Orlando is a professional junk vehicle buying service that performs car removal and pays top cash for your vehicles in Orlando, Florida and surrounding areas. We provide free towing of your vehicle and help you sell your car to us without any hassles or expenses. Don’t let our name fool you! We service all surrounding areas of Orlando. As far North as Deland, Fl. As far South as Lakeland, Fl.

How do you know if your car classifies as a “junk car”?

If it is damaged, broken down, wrecked, or you are just tired of looking at it deteriorate in your lawn, then we’ll take it off your lawn, and pay you for it!

Sell your car to us and we will send out a tow truck with money to purchase your car.

We have an Easy, Hassle-Free pick up of your cars, damaged Car, Truck, Van at no cost to you!

We are a company that serves all the Orlando/Deltona/Kissimmee/Altamonte Springs/Sanford areas! Reaching further out than those areas.

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Quit paying insurance on that scrap automobile you are not even using! Let us pay you instead. We are giving cash for any and all vehicles in the Orlando area! Everyone knows that Orlando is home to many of the most popular attractions around the world, like Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, SeaWorld and many others that attract millions of Americans every year to the beautiful city of Orlando! So, let’s keep it clean and respectable! When tourists come to our city, lets make them feel like it’s the cleanest city out of all the United States. If you have a car sitting in your yard, give us a call so that we can start cleaning up the city of cars together!

How will the city look cleaner?
When we get your vehicle, we RECYCLE or REPAIR your old junk vehicle, it all depends on the condition of the vehicle. If we do recycle it, we always dispose of scrap metals and all chemicals your car carries by environmentally Friendly and Legal means. Always make sure the company you are dealing with will dispose of your vehicle abiding by the laws of Florida. Together we can make Orlando an even more beautiful location.

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Are you looking out your window and wishing you could get that junk vehicle off your property and get paid for it?  Are you tired of having parties while your junker is sitting there? Looks like the whole town is talking about you again, what do you do?

Luckily for you, there is a company out there that will pick up your car and pay you money for it.  Not only that but, the towing is free.  OK, calm down, you can breathe now.  We are a company that will make sure that you are taken care of.  We don’t mess around and whatever we tell you on the phone is what you will get when our driver shows.  Usually, sometimes in this industry you have to be careful who you sell your junk vehicle too.  Some people will give you a high quote on the phone and when they show up they try to low ball you by telling you that your missing parts or that some of the parts that are in there are after market.  We don’t operate like that and we never will.

We are a trusted buyer in the area.  We offer the most cash in town for any and all scrap vehicles and we are as honest as they come.

You need to call us now, so we can get you a guaranteed quote you can be happy with.  Usually we can do same day pick up, but if not the same day, then next day at the latest.

Once we give you a quote that you are happy with, we will get you set up in the system.  Within the hour our dispatch will contact you to set you up with a  pick up time.

We have designed our services to make it as easy as possible for the customer, I don’t know how much easier we can make it!

Don’t call one of those companies that you found on craigslist, do you really think that you can trust somebody like that?  Who knows.  However, I would suggest calling a company who is licensed and bonded.  Some of these other scrap companies operate illegally and the vehicle that you sold them usually ends up back on the road later, after you were told that it was going to be scrapped.

It happens all the time, don’t let it happen to you.

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